About Me

Pankaj Mall is the Firm Believer in the power of Motivation, Attitude and Human Spirit. He Delivers People and Organisational Development programs to corporates and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development,including the executives from small Start-ups to Billion Dollar Corporations.

His Real Life experience , his own Story from Being a College drop out to CEO of a corporation at Early Age and Entrepreneurial Experience helped him in learning and developing deep Understanding of People , Process and Markets .

Pankaj Mall has consulted for more than 50+ companies and addressed more than 4000 people from 20+ Nationalities throughout 6+ countries spread across ASIA and Middle EAST .

Milestones In Life :

  • First Entrepreneurial Venture in 6th Grade to finance School Fee in year 1992.
  • Most Hard Working Student of the school Year 1988-90.
  • Best All rounder in sports At School Level.
  • CEO at the age of 26 -year 2006 handling 400+ people.
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Setup Consultancy and Training to 30+ enterprises.
  • Facilitator and Lead Trainer 1000+ Hrs of training for $ 39 Bn Essar Group

I have Made it a mission to Empower 10,000 People to Lead a Life of Happiness, Prosperity and Purpose.I am Powerful visionary who is charged up with the idea of Helping Others and Succeed.

I am Blessed with Good Friends and Associates with Positive Attitude.

You can contact me if:

  • You and your people inconsistently motivated
  • You are scared of changing dynamics of Business and Job
  • You want to develop stars in your organization
  • You are done of being good and want to be great
  • You want to hire and retain best talent
  • You want more success in LOVE, LIFE and WORK
  • You need a boost to achieve your GOALS/SALES /TARGETS

Call me @ +919871230228(India)
Email : successquote@gmail.com

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